About Us

Long Venture Partners invest in early stage technology startups in China and the US. We combine local insight with a global perspective to power the ambitions of next-gen founders.


We focus on innovations in FinTech, Enterprise, and Consumer Internet driven by big data and AI; we seek out next-gen founders with global perspective and ambition


We invest in disruptive replacement technology across consumer, fintech and enterprise—and look to capture value through the reciprocal growth trends in these markets.


With an approach informed by decades of experience in the region, we target technologies driving massive consumption growth and industry upgrades— especially those that benefit from US tech exports.


Innovation is now a global phenomenon. While emerging ecosystems develop in size and importance, the US and China will continue to lead as bellwethers of disruption, scale, and know-how.

Technology, Replacement & Scale

With the rapid emergence of technology companies as global business leaders, we expect to see faster cycles both scale and replacement, creating multiple opportunities for well positioned capital.

The Coming A.I. Revolution

The next wave of global growth will be driven by intelligent software. The US and China are leaders in AI research and application - and the nexus of ideas and capital driving growth across enterprise, consumer, and fintech.